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          PostChurchill's Secret

          Churchill's Secret image

          Churchill's Secret

          The incredible true story set during the summer months of 1953 when Sir Winston Churchill (then Prime Minister for the second time) suffered a life-threatening stroke, which with the help of his family & closest aides was kept a secret from the world.

          Churchill's Secret image

          Goldcrest's Involvement

          Sound mix by Jamie Roden. Sound editorial by Mathias Schuster and Kasper Pedersen. ADR by Simon Diggins. Foley by Julien Pirrie and Will Thomas. Online editorial by Daniel Thomlinson. Final colour by Adam Glasman.

          Offline editorial rooms and equipment also provided by Goldcrest

          Cast and crew

          Charles Sturridge

          Stewart Harcourt and Jonathan Smith

          Michael Gambon, Matthew Macfadyen,Romala Garai, Tara Fitzgerald and Lindsay Duncan


          Genre: Drama

          Runtime: 101 minutes

          Year of production: 2016


          Currently Selling